thinking with a higher frequency

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thinking with a higher frequency (formerly Vita Vibrare) is a transmedia imprint.  We publish primarily in digital format, but kinesthetic, augmented and aural as well.

We assist customers with paperless solutions for large events. With our subsidiary and service wing, OCTENATE, we are capable of providing real time writing and publication in blog and social media.

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A performance instigation troupe, VISCERA, creates works that disrupt and transforms audiences into collaborators.

Thought Papers

Digital Booklets for Events

Pocket Production

Real-time publication of your event via Surround Social Media

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That Moment...

when it suddenly all makes sense. Some hear a "click," others feel it in their gut. Some develop long vision, eyes first widening then narrowing in, laser sharp on the new picture, the new now. Whatever the response, it's physical, it's in the body, it's everlasting, and it's called forth with a breath. An unusual breath, like a repeat of the very first time the lungs took on air instead of fluid.

Vita Vibrare

After that exhalation, things will never be the same. 

We strive to create that moment for you in every title we release, every augmented performance, each intermedia event.

We invite you to explore some of our provocations and enjoy our published titles.